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Public Assistance Programs Benefits

Looking to find information on making an unemployment claim? When you enter your information on the right. We'll match you with private and public assistance offers and provide you with links to your states unemployment insurance website so you can apply online today. You will also receive a benefits and application summary in email. The federal government is currently considering an extension to existing unemployment benefits in light of the current recession. Make sure that you can participate in these benefits by beginning your application process now!

If you would like to find your states unemployment application information without viewing any additional private programs and offers you can simply select your state from the "States" menu item or by clicking here.

Public Assistance Programs Overview

Unemployment Insurance, often abbreviated as UI, is a federally mandated, individual state-run program that was initially developed in the 1930s as a response to the financial difficulties of the Great Depression. As the name implies, UI is exactly that: insurance. However, unemployment insurance is funded by employers through a federal payroll tax. There are three states that require minimal employee contributions, but on the whole, employees can expect to receive benefits at no cost. The goal of unemployment insurance is to provide eligible individuals with monetary benefits, thus allowing them to have a source of income while searching for a new job.


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